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You have to prepare your own outlines, right?† Of course, you do.† However, although it is definitely the best way to prepare for law school and bar exams, having an already prepared outline is not such a bad idea to make sure you are not missing anything.† Whant to make sure you got the mailbox rule right or understand the Erie doctrine or any other legal concept? A good way to achieve that goal - compare your notes to an already prepared outline.† Our outlines will help!† The HypoJustice.com outlines will help you to prepare for both bar exam and law school exams.† They also are a good refresher of a black letter law on the subjects tested on MBE and NY bar exams.

Whether you are studying for the bar or law school exam or need a black letter law refresher, these outlines are exactly what you need:†

  • Specific NY Distinctions are Noted Throughout the Outlines
  • All Outlines are meticulously organized and include most of the areas tested on Multi State Bar Examination (MBE) and New York State Bar Exam
  • Each Outline includes examples and hypos to illustrate the issues
  • Each Outline comes in two formats - MS Word and PDF
  • Both Word and PDF versions have funcitonal Tables of Contents for ease of navigation.† Please refer to individual outlines on our site to see TOCs for each outline
  • The downloadable file is a .ZIP file containing Word and PDF versions of each outlines.† Once purchased you will have 7 days during which to download the file.† The maximum number of times you can dowload is 2.

These outlines are especially useful for those taking BarBri bar exam prep course.† You have studied for three long years!† There is no need to relieve the past three years of law school in six weeks.† YOU DESERVE A BREAK!† Just print these outlines or have them handy on your laptop and follow the lectures supplementing outlines with your own notes and reflections.† It will definitely help on the exem!

MBE Subjects Outlines for Law School and Bar Exam with Bar Exam Tips

(Specific NY Distinctions are Noted Throughout the Outlines)

  1. Criminal Law and Procedure
    • Criminal Law (15 p.)
    • Criminal Procedure (14 p.)
  2. Constitutional Law (ConLaw circa 2004.† Check for changes in law since then) (29 p.)
  3. Contracts
    • Condensed Outline (27 p.)
    • Expanded Outline with examples and hypos (46 p., 100+ examples/hypos)
  4. Evidence
    • Evidence Condensed Outline (34 p.)
    • Evidence Expanded Outline with Examples and Hypos (55 p.)
  5. Property (50 p., including freehold estates table for quick reference)
  6. Torts (29 p.)

New York Bar Exam Subjects Outlines for Law School and Bar Exams, with Bar Exam Tips

  1. Agency and Partnership (13 p., 15+ examples/hypos)
  2. Conflict of Laws (17 p.)
  3. Corporations (34 p., 40+ examples/hypos)
  4. Domestic Relations (18 p.)
  5. Federal Jurisdiction (20 p.)
  6. New York Practice (48 p., 60+ examples/hypos)
  7. New York Professional Responsibility (20 p.) (note that this outline was prepared before the new NY Rules of Professional Conduct went into effect in 2009).
  8. Secured Transactions and Commercial Paper (24 p., 60+ examples/hypos)
  9. Trusts
    • Trusts Condensed Outline (23 p.)
    • Trusts Expanded Outline with Examples and Hypos (33p., 55+ examples/hypos)
  10. Wills and Estates Tax
    • Wills and Estates Tax Condensed Outline (33 p.)
    • Wills and Estates Tax Expanded Outline with Examples and Hypos (56 p., 100+ Examples/hypos)

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Submit your own outline and receive a Coupon for 50% Off on any of HypoJustice Legal Tees (valid for 30 days).† You can do it be sending an email to outlines@hypojustice.com† Once the outline is submitted, upon receipt and verification of the outline, HypoJustice.com will send you a 50% Off Coupon via e-mail within 24-48 hours.† Please check HypoJustice.com Terms and Conditions prior to submitting an outline.


DISCLAIMER: HypoJustice.com tries to assemble the best possible law school outlines. However, the outlines are submitted by students and may contain inaccurate information. Therefore, HypoJustice.com makes no warranties as to the accuracy of the information they contain. Use the outlines on our site at your own risk and do not rely on them for legal advice.† While you should prepare your own outlines to achieve better success in your studying, you could use outlines prepared by other students to enhance your studies, not as a substitute for assigned work or academic requirements. Some law schools have a policy that permits law students to take their own outlines into final exams. If your law school has such a policy you are prohibited from representing that any of the outlines downloaded from HypoJustice.com as your own.† Contact the appropriate administrative staff at your school if you are not sure of your law schools policy.
HypoJustice.com does not guarantee excellent grades or passing of the Bar exam using these outlines.† These outlines are to be served as reference materials only in your preparation for the law school and bar exams.† You should always prepare your own outlines.† However, these outlines should greatly improve your chances of sucess when used properly.† Law in some of the outlines, especially NY Professional Respnsibility, Constitutional Law and Estate Tax may be outdatd, so you should always refer to your own or your classmates' notes.
See also HypoJustice.com Terms and Conditions.
Likewise, HypoJustice.com does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in any of the outlines contained on HypoJustice.com website.


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