Whether you are starting your own practice or law firm, need to redesign your Logo or want to promote your Law Firm, Practice, or Bar Association, you came to the right place.† Founded by an attorney, specializes in custom designs for future and current legal professionals.


Law Firm Logo is an essential part of your practice as it is featured on your firmís business cards, stationery, website and advertisement.† So, here are just a few examples why your law firm needs logo?

1. To be Memorable† -† In a very competitive legal market, this might be the most important reason why a law firm should have a well-defined logo.† A business name should be memorable, easy to spell and pronounce.† This is hard to achieve in the practice of law where law firms cannot contain a description of the area of practice or specialty.† Law firm names consisting of difficult-to-pronounce or hard-to-remember surnames makes it challenging for potential (and sometimes existing) clients to remember you.† Reinforcing the firmís name with interesting and compelling graphics makes it more likely that the clients remember and hire you.

2. To Explain Your Firmís Name† -† In constrast to reason No. 1, if your law firm name consists of an acronym, a well-defined logo will explain and give visual clues to its meaning.

4. To Attract More Clients† -† Oftentimes clients look for a distinct firm.† A well-defined and attractive logo may be one of the criteria potential clients look for when choosing a law firm.

5. To Look Reputable and Professional† -† A professionally made logo will reinforce in a clientís mind a notion of a solid, reputable firm such logo represents.† A professional logo will convey that your firm is trustworthy and credible.

Why† will help you to achieve all of these goals.† Founded by an attorney we understand your needs.† We will provide you with several concepts based on your parameters and custom made to your specifications.


You won a big case for your client; you negotiated a large settlement.† It is not uncommon for clients, especially in class actions not to know which law had represented them or to forget the firm's name as soon as the settlement checks are cashed.† Do you want to reinforce your law firmís identity in the clientsí memories and help yourself to new clients and revenue?† can help!† We will create custom designs specific to your practice or particular litigation and put it on any media you want so you could send gifts to your clients.† We understand that you do not want to send cheap gifts that will find their way to a thrift shop.† We understand that receiving something personal will reinforce and maintain the positive feelings your clients have toward your firm.† We will make sure to create a unique custom design that will promote your business.

For all inquiries and pricing information, please contact us at INFO@HYPOJUSTICE.COM


DISCLAIMER: Although it is founded and run by an attorney, is not a law firm and as such is not in a business of providing legal advice.† You should see an experienced ethics attorney before launching your next marketing or advertising campaign, including laws applicable to law firm logos, advertising and marketing.† For your convenience, your can find links to Rules of Professional Conduct on our site by visiting our Rules of Professional Responsibility page.

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