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This is an opportunity to outfit yourself in unique, alternative legal apparel that was thoughtfully created and humorously designed by lawyers, as well as a chance to use our website as a portal to useful information for those interested in exploring law …

Whether or not:

  • you need a GPS to find Blackacre, or
  • you look for International Shoe in the footwear department, or
  • you sleep through the explosion that injured poor Mrs. Palsgraff or
  • your spine tingles when you hear Erie Doctrine

you can boost your legal acumen with Hypo, Esq. wearable case law summaries that can:

  • help you ace law school exams
  • revive memories of fun (or not so fun) years of law school
  • brighten your law school daze
  • demonstrate your case at any Bar

Get Hypo Justice Tees by InTeeLocutory Apparel for yourself, your friends and loved ones!  Be the first in your study group to wear one.  Succeed on law school exams and in life with living law illustrations that never need back-up (well, maybe just an occasional wash). 

Made from the finest cotton, our T-Shirts can also be worn on exotic retreats where Blackberries are forbidden.

We invite you to explore this site, filled with useful links for law students and practicing attorneys.  New designs and more useful information are added weekly, so stay connected 

All the best,

RG, Esq.,

InTeeLocutory Apparel


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